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Monthly PBIS Reward Schedule


9/8/17 - Extra Recess

(conduct from 8/7/17-9/1/17)



10/6/17 - Jersey Jam

(conduct from 9/5/17-9/29/17)



10/31/17 - Trick-or-Treat

(conduct from 10/2/17-10/27/17)



11/30/17 - Popcorn Powwow

(conduct from 10/30/17-11/17/17)



12/19/17 - Pajama Jam

(conduct from 11/27/17-12/15/17)



2/2/18 - Snowball Fight

(conduct from 1/3/18-1/26/18)



2/16/18 - Mardi Gras Masquerade

(conduct from 1/29/18-2/14/18)



3/28/18 - Movie Time

(conduct from 2/19/18-3/23/18)



4/26/18 - Cool Pop and Play

(conduct from 3/26/18-4/20/18)



5/22/18 - Cool Pop and Play

(conduct from 4/23/18-5/18/18)

EHE PBIS Rewards

Appropriate Behaviors are Acknowledged

Once appropriate behaviors have been defined and taught, they need to be acknowledged on a regular basis. EHE has designed a formal system that rewards positive behaviors.

  • PAWS Tickets: 
    • These are used as immediate forms of feedback by each individual teacher. They are used as a tool of encouragement and a student motivator.
    • All staff can give any student a PAWS ticket whether they teach that student or not. PAWS tickets are given to all students for displaying expected behaviors.
    • Students will collect PAWS tickets and will be redeemed on PLC days with planning teachers.  Tickets will be redeemed each week by planning teachers during PLC.  Reward coupons for each nine weeks are included in the appendix. 
    • Planning teachers will turn in redeemed PAWS ticket which will be used for random rewards and for teacher rewards.
    • Bus drivers will have different colored PAWS tickets to use on the buses.
  • Monthly PBIS Activity (A/B Conduct): Students who maintain either an A or a B in conduct in their homeroom classes will be rewarded with monthly activities such as: snowball recess, faculty/student sports events, movie and a treat, etc.
  • Positive Behavior Referral:  Students can be recognized for demonstrating positive behavior that reflects East Houma Elementary’s PAWS expectations.  Teachers will submit to administration.  Administration will choose a few to read each day.  Students will be invited to office to receive a reward and the Positive Behavior Referral is returned to the student to be brought home.