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Our Rules

  1. Follow directions quickly!
  2. Raise your hand for permission to speak!
  3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat!
  4. Make SMART choices!
  5. Follow all PAWS rules!



EHE Behavioral Expectations

Behavioral Expectations Taught...

The behavioral expectations are taught to all students in the building and are taught in real contexts. Teaching appropriate behavior involves much more than simply telling students what behaviors they should avoid.   

  • Lessons taught by teachers
    • Beginning of School Year
    • Beginning of Second Nine Weeks
    • Beginning of Third Nine Weeks
  • Counselor Lessons:  In addition to class lessons, students will also participate in monthly counselor character lessons as push-in during planning. This curriculum provides students with social and empathy skills and drug awareness.  
    • August: respect
    • September: responsibility
    • October:  bullying and unity
    • November/December:  caring and kindness
    • January:  citizenship
    • February:  fairness and trustworthiness
    • March:  manners and empathy
    • April:  Test Preparation
    • May:  careers
  • Booster Lessons:  Booster lessons will be taught as needed by administration based on discipline data.

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